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Wax altar candles

Sale price €21,95 Regular price €24,95 Sale
Sale price €21,95 Regular price €24,95 Sale
Sale price €21,95 Regular price €24,95 Sale

Altar candles

Buy altar candles. In Christianity, the meaning of candles cannot be overestimated. They are actively used during worship and various ceremonies (both in Orthodoxy and in the Catholic movement). Initially, candles served to consecrate a room in which the first Christians had to secretly gather. Since real persecution was organized against them, the candle became a unifying symbol around which the first communities were formed. Subsequently, the altar candles acquired their characteristic features, which are preserved to this day. The more candles located in front of the icons, the better you can see the image. For this reason, the phrase “light a candle” takes on a new meaning, demonstrating reverence for sacred images.

Features of the choice of ritual candles. Today it’s easy to buy altar candles. It is enough to contact our online store, which presents a huge number of high-quality candles, distinguished by reliability and quality. Initially, Christians independently engaged in the creation of candles, but today it is customary to buy them and take with them to the temple before the service. For a long time, the sale of candles was the prerogative of the church, today democratization is observed in this area. Everyone can buy a candle of any size and color and put it for the health of loved ones or for their own well-being.

To buy altar candles

Altar wax candles are always available in our online store, and their cost will pleasantly surprise you. The candle acts as a sacrifice that is made by believers to their God. Modern candles have not only a different purpose, but also a certain symbolism. Altar candles can be compared with the faith of man himself. The smoldering wick burns without ceasing. He, like the faith of a Christian, knows no obstacles in his path, and only the completion of the measured time can interrupt his ministry.

Also, altar candles can symbolize the inviolability of prayer and soul. The wax in this concept is the body. Burning candles are fully consistent with the Christian image, which involves helping loved ones and performing various good deeds, during which our body can be exhausted, but from this the soul only gains strength.

When planning to purchase candles, you must remember that they are presented in a huge variety:

  • altar wax candles;
  • number candles;
  • liturgical candles.

Thanks to many years of experience, we were able to find suppliers who deserve complete trust. Their products meet the highest quality standards, so altar candles will leave only a positive impression after purchase. We offer an extensive product catalog, which continues to be replenished with various ritual goods for the performance of a wide variety of ceremonies. If you need to buy altar candles, then be sure to use our offer to get a favorable price.