Jerusalem candles

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Jerusalem candles

Buy jerusalem candles. The Holy Fire is one of the most striking religious events that leaves no one indifferent. Even skeptics admit that they cannot find an explanation for this process, which occurs only at a certain time once a year. Believers can join the sacrament by using special candles.

Jerusalem candles are a bunch of 33 small candles that can be used both one at a time and all at once. The formation of a beam in such an amount is connected with the number of years that the Savior lived with his flock before he was taken to heaven by the Father. Our ancestors also believed that 33 years is a turning point in life, its middle, when you need to understand what goals should be achieved during its second half. Moreover, the number 3 is sacred in many Christian traditions, and its doubling is the strengthening of unity, just as God is a triune.

Buy candles in Jerusalem

Real Jerusalem candles at a bargain price. High-quality Jerusalem candles are available to our customers, which we will deliver in the shortest possible time. The candle is a symbol of the Holy Fire, which goes around the globe thanks to believers passing it through small candles to all the houses and temples where they are waiting for it. The prayer in which the Jerusalem candle participates is usually silent. This ceremony allows you to receive grace and power, which is the grace of God on the eve of a bright holiday. The light of 33 candles resembles that unquenchable fire that we carry in our hearts. It symbolizes the inviolability of faith, which is strengthened by our good works.

Jerusalem candles meaning color plays an important role. Usually they are white, which indicates religious purity and purification of the soul, but you can choose other options:

  • reds;
  • blue
  • green candles.

These religious products require special treatment. It should not be put out until the candle is completely burned out. Only in this case can one receive the holiness and grace that comes from such a candle. Such symbolism speaks of the patience of man, which is his positive trait. To buy candles in Jerusalem and be satisfied with their quality, you just need to use our site. We offer our visitors a wide range of religious products that are manufactured in accordance with the standards and tenets of the faith.