Icon lamps

Buy candlesticks are ceramic. Orthodox churches were initially quite dark, which was associated with the tradition of the first Christian communities to gather in poorly lit rooms. This helped them survive in the empire, where Christians were given the most terrible executions. Since today Christianity is the dominant European religion, the temples are becoming more open and bright, which is facilitated by lamps.

The preservation of twilight is a symbol of the life of a person who is prone to undergo sins and ignorance. Lamps are a divine conduct that can show the path to atonement for sins and a better life on earth and in heaven. A lamp is placed in front of the images of the saints, so that parishioners would be comfortable in praying and enjoying the man-made wonders of the masters who created the images of famous martyrs and righteous ones.

Ceramic candlesticks

The value of Orthodox lamps. We offer candle holders to everyone who wants to make the worship of religious rituals more correct in accordance with their faith. For their manufacture, high-quality ceramics are used, due to which the lamps are different:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • attractive appearance.

Lamps were indispensable in the first centuries of the existence of Christianity, when community meetings took place in abandoned houses or caves where worship services were held. Usually they were shards of blood vessels into which special oil was poured. This oil was oil, able to heal the soul and strengthen the spirit of the Orthodox person. Modern candlesticks have become better and more diverse, so every buyer can find a product to taste in our catalog and order it without leaving the apartment.

To illuminate a bright image, candles and lamps are actively used today. So that after burning, the wax does not contaminate the pedestal on which the candle is mounted, a special candlestick is used for it, which can take any form. There are candlesticks in the form of crosses, leaves, small angels, and their color scheme is incredibly diverse. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, it is possible to achieve many years of use of a candlestick, in which the product does not deform in any way under the influence of high temperatures. We are pleased to offer you ceramic candlesticks created in the Orthodox tradition.