Native cream "Dobrodeya" ginseng, 100 ml.

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€9,99 / 100ml
Organic micellar cream "Dobrodeya" Ginseng is produced according to the innovative technology using ginseng root micellar cell concentrate.  

Native complex of components helps the skin:
- Restore collagen and elastin fibers;
- Eliminate wrinkles;
- Restore the turgor of the skin;
- Restore the water balance of the cells of all skin layers;
- Prevent the violation of metabolic processes and the formation of cellulite.

INCI: native ginseng root micellar cell concentrate, native beaver meat extract, native bean extract, native clover flower extract, native shamballa seed extract, native bean seed extract, native chamomile flower extract, native yarrow herb extract, black cumin oil, amaranth oil, native carrot seed oil concentrate, native tomato seed oil concentrate, calcium pantothenate, brown algae alginate, vitamin E, vitamin C, lutein, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, chitosan, lactic acid, allantoin, castoreum, ylang-ylang essential oil, bergamot essential oil, vetiver essential oil