Native cream "Dobrodeya" with Chaga birch mushroom, 100ml

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Cream "Dobrodeya" Chaga is a native organic cream, recommended for pathological changes in the veins of the lower extremities and pelvis.

The natural cream "Dobrodeya" Chaga supplies the superficial veins of the limbs and pelvis with the bioactive complex and causes:
- Strengthening the vein wall;
- Increase of the tone of the venous wall;
- Eliminating the expansion of the veins;
- Eliminating the inflammatory process and edema;
- Eliminating of spider veins;
- Normalization of capillary circulation;
- Normalization of venous discharge;
- Eliminating the venous stasis;
- Preventing the formation of nodules in the veins;
- Improving the lymphatic drainage;
- Normalization of metabolic processes in subcutaneous fat.

Ingredients: native micellar cell concentrates: chaga fruit body, chestnut fruit, ginkgo biloba leaves, clover flowers, tomato seeds, dandelion root, blueberry fruits, hawthorn fruits, walnut partitions, amaranth seed oil, black caraway seed oil , argan oil, carrot seed oil, shamballa oil, pomegranate seed oil, D-panthenol, carnosine, lutein, lysine, allantoin, chitosan, beeswax, brown algae, vitamin E, vitamin PP, natural essential oils of cinnamon, tea wood, juniper