Wick for the lamp

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Cotton Wick

Buy wick for an icon lamp. The tradition of using lamps is rooted deep in the centuries. The first lamps were created from shards of various vessels for wine or oil. They were intended to illuminate the caves and grottoes in which the first Christian communities secretly gathered. For the production of modern lamps can be used a variety of materials and their combinations, so that customers get quality products that are affordable. Lamps are successfully used not only in temples, but also in home prayer rooms. In order for such products to last as long as possible, it is enough to regularly replenish the amount of oil, as well as replace the cotton wick, which you can pick up in our online store.

Order a high-quality and durable wick for the lamp. The wick can be made of various materials using technological processes. The key requirement is that the wick for the lamp should be created only from natural raw materials. Otherwise, the combustion process can lead to the release of toxins, which are found in many synthetic materials.

To buy a wick for a lamp

When choosing a wick for the lamp, you should pay attention to several factors:

  • product diameter;
  • cord length;
  • the cost of the wick.

Before buying, you need to decide for which lamp the wick is purchased. For large products, laces with an increased diameter are more suitable, and their length should be appropriate. It’s quite simple to buy a wick for an icon lamp, if you use a huge assortment of church and ritual goods collected on our website. We are responsible for the choice of suppliers, which allows us to guarantee the impeccable quality of products that will be delivered to customers in a short time. If you decide to use our services, you will be pleasantly surprised, since the price of cotton for the wick remains democratic.

When choosing a suitable lace, it is very important that its melting occurs evenly, which will allow the lamp to burn longer. Our service provides an opportunity to get the best products, the quality of which will satisfy the most demanding customers. You can buy a wick for the lamp and get it in a short time. All the nuances of delivery can be discussed with our managers.