Incense sets for home

What is censing

What is censing? Each ritual, or fumigation, is a rite in which a priest uses a censer and walks around the temple with prayers. It is important for him to get around not only the iconostasis, fumigating it with incense with the help of a smoking censer, but also to direct it to the believers gathered in the church. What is censing? First of all, this is a charitable work, thanks to which in the Christian religion a sacrifice is given to the Lord in the form of fragrant incense. The metal censer is filled with hot coals and aromatic oil, which is obtained thanks to the resins of incense, a special oriental tree. At the time of oil combustion, incense smoke is released, which is also called incense.

Why censer in the temple and what does it mean? What is censing? Initially, in the Christian tradition, this rite had several purposes. With his help, the priest demonstrated divine power that could drive away evil spirits. Censing is a demonstration of God's glory and helps to send various rituals, as well as prayer to the Creator. Even in the Old Testament there is a mention that God commands Moses to make an altar, in which aromatic resins will be incense. When the three wise men come to greet the baby Jesus, they present him with incense, among other gifts. In his revelation, John the Evangelist notes the presence of golden censers in the Temple of Heaven.


Following religious dogmas, censing allows you to release a fire that can warm and light up the path of a righteous person to God. Fire is a symbol of the divine essence of the Creator. Coal, which burns out over time, speaks of its human nature. Incense in this concept symbolizes the prayers with which people in their thoughts turn to Christ.

Visible smoke demonstrates the invisible presence of a particle of God while serving in the temple. Each house helps:

  • strengthen your own faith;
  • observe religious traditions;
  • demonstrate ownership of the multi-million dollar Orthodox world.

Censing can be performed in relation to the icons or the temple, in which case we give honor and praise to the Lord by lighting incense. You can also order censing at home using our website. The catalog contains only original products for religious ceremonies, which are of fair value.