40-days-prayers candles

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Candles Magpie

Buy magpie candles. What are magpie candles? This question arises among those who have only recently begun to study the religious traditions of Orthodoxy and want to better understand the purpose of certain candles during the service. Our store was created specifically so that every Orthodox can order the highest quality religious products for rituals or services at the best prices. Magpie candles are no exception. We will ensure that they are sent to the customer in the shortest possible time.

How to choose church candles? Weedy wax candles are items that you can serve out of zeal for the Holy Altar. On it, such candles will be lit during the magpie. Since there are many companies on the church market today, each of which speaks of the high quality of their own products, buyers need to be careful when choosing candles. In order to avoid mistakes, you should pay attention to several nuances:

  • candles should be elastic;
  • they should not emit soot during burning;
  • the candle should not sweep quickly.

Wax candles

If you are interested in magpie candles, then you can familiarize yourself with the assortment of such products on our website. A quality candle should not harden even under the influence of low temperatures. This means that it should easily bend without cracks or other signs of deformation. If the candle is not enough quality, then such an action will necessarily lead to the fact that it will break in half.

When a candle burns, it should not emit dark smoke. If you notice a similar effect, then this indicates a low quality candle. The problem is not only the unaesthetic nature of this phenomenon, but also that the soot will settle on interior items and icons. If the candle is made of high-quality components, then above it you can see only a beautiful transparent vibration of the air. The highest quality candles burn completely, but do not sweep away. Otherwise, we are talking about products, the manufacture of which used various additives, the environmental friendliness of which you can not be sure. The candles are magpie, which you can buy on our website, fully meet the needs of customers. We are constantly expanding our product catalog so that you can find suitable religious products for rituals.