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Frankincense essential oil

Buy frankincense essential oil. The believer is always pleased to attend the temple. Here he becomes closer to God and has the opportunity to communicate with other like-minded people. Another reason for the popularity of visiting religious places is the incense, which is burnt in the temples, due to which the inner space is filled with a sweetish aroma. This pleasant smell accompanies a variety of services. Demand for frankincense is quite high. At various ceremonies, it is consumed in large quantities, and is also actively used during house prayers.

How to choose incense? What is incense? In answer to this question, it is worth clarifying that a specific substance is called incense, for which a dried resin of trees growing in eastern countries is used. Cistus family trees are found, in particular, on the Arabian Peninsula. As follows from the Gospel, incense was one of the gifts that were presented by the magi to the born God. Incense has been baked to the Lord since ancient times, today this tradition is preserved. You can buy incense in our online store, having confidence that you have an original product with excellent qualities.

Buy incense

For centuries, it has been believed that, thanks to incense, you can clean the room, saving it from negative energy, evil spirits and other evil spirits. According to experts, aromatic oils emit special fumes during heating, and a person can:

  • relax;
  • bring to rest the nervous system;
  • tune in a positive way.

For this reason, Christians have a good tradition of incense burning their own home before religious holidays. To date, frankincense essential oil is presented in a variety of forms. Some of the most popular incenses are produced by monks who live on Mount Athos. The technology has been developed for centuries, which allowed to obtain incense of impeccable quality. The resin, called olibanum, remains in demand. It is a high-quality natural incense, which was brought from specific geographical regions, as noted in the name of the varieties, for example, Indonesian or Jerusalem. You can buy incense right now by leaving a request on the site or by contacting the store manager.