Sachel BioBalance Alginate Collagenic Mask & Biogenic Tonic

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Sachel BioBalance is a specially developed complex for facial skin care, neck, and low neckline area skin care characterized by selective regulating action to treat the esthetic and functional defects of the skin, endocrine balance, skin protective functions, metabolic processes, natural moisturizing factors, structure of the elastinic and collagenic fibers, and skin tone. Combined use of the Sachel BioBalance mask provides the biorevitalizing effect by means of transdermal penetration of the active components inside the skin structures.

Ingredients: Seaborn collagen of the 1-st type, brown algae concentrate, diatomic algae concentrate, cordyceps concentrate, amaranth seeds concentrate, Altai maral antlers concentrate, cimicifuga concentrate, lapacho concentrate, ilex concentrate, camomile concentrate, clover concentrate, oat seeds concentrate, dioscorea concentrate, grapeseeds concentrate, suncups concentrate, comfrey concentrate, juniper berries concentrate, lespedeza concentrate, common sea buckthorn berries concentrate, iris concentrate, hop concentrate, sweet briar concentrate, dandelion concentrate, artemia concentrate, stone oil concentrate, biotin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D.

Use instructions: Before applying the mask onto the face, neck, and low neckline area, it is recommended to clean the skin using the Sachel foam cream and Sachel BioBalance tonic supplied with the mask. After the skin cleansing and moisturizing, prepare the mask and apply it onto the face, neck, and low neckline area.