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Monastic tea „Diveevo“ is in great demand due to its natural composition and healing effect on the body. It saturates our body with trace elements and vitamins, increases energy potential, accelerates the healing process, and can prevent the development of some diseases.

We offer a wide selection of teas with different effects:

1. Choose tea No. 1 Pancreas for the treatment of the pancreas, it is consisting of fragrant leaves of blackberry, hazel, turnip, immortelle, herbs thyme and yarrow, healthy rose hips, juniper fruits, chamomile, calendula, rose, and mint.

2. Tea No. 2 is suitable for diseases of the thyroid gland. A tea with blackberries, leaves of hazel and walnuts, agrimony, hawthorn, knotweed, chamomile, calendula, rose petals, rosehip lemon balm. Is good for the thyroid gland.

3. Choose tea number 3 to relieve pain in ligaments and joints, for joints with a composition of blackberry, agrimony, hazel, lemon balm, hawthorn, herbs yarrow and thyme, burdock, nettle, rose, and mint.

4. Tea No. 4 Pressure will help with pressure. It is made of blackberry and hazelnut leaves, agrimony, hawthorn, motherwort, horsetail, yarrow, knotweed, meadowsweet, wild rose, mint, rose.

5. Collected tea No. 5 will help with diabetes. It has the leaves of dogwood, blackberry, black mulberry, hazel, as well as agape, hawthorn, lemon balm, barberry, rose, mint, chokeberry, and calendula.

6. Tea No. 6 Soothing is good for soothing nerves and relieves anxiety, consists of leaves of fragrant blackberries, hazelnuts, agaric leaves, hawthorn fruits, motherwort, rosemary, rose hips, lavender, hops, motherwort, knotweed, iron, mint, blue cornflower and rose.

7. Collected tea No. 7 Kidney consisting of the leaves of blackberries, agaric leaves, hazelnuts, knotweed, horsetail, raspberries, lingonberries, centaury, rose hips, ginseng, hawthorn, birch, rosemary, mother, mint, calendula, and roses will help to normalize the work of the kidneys.

8. Cleansing the body collection No. 8 Cleansing consisting of blackberry leaves, hazelnut leaves, agrimony, linden, sage, rose, yarrow, elderberry, juniper, chamomile, mint, wild rose, and hawthorn.

9. Anti-influenza collection No. 9 Anti-influenza will protect the body during an epidemic. The collection consists of blackberry leaves, raspberries, sage, agrimony, thyme, oregano, linden, pine, juniper, rose hips, iron, elderberry, acacia, rosemary, rose, mint.

10. Tea No. 10 Immunity made of blackberry leaves, agaric, hazel, oregano, lemon balm, thyme, nettle, currant, hyssop, echinacea, rose hips, hawthorn and tea rose will help to strengthen the immune system.

11. Tea No. 11 for weight loss will help to lose weight. It is made of agrimony, blackberry leaves, lingonberries, lingonberries, yarrow, chamomile, burdock root, horsetail, nettle, rose hips, mint, black elderberry, lemon balm, and tea rose

12. Collection No. 12 Gastrointestinal made of the leaves of blackberries, agaric, hazel, yarrow, rose hips, pine, calendula, thorns, chamomile, immortelle, mint, lemon balm, and tea rose will relieve the problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

13. When treating bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system, you can drink tea No. 13 Bronchopulmonary with blackberries, pine, linden, agaric, hazel, thyme, wild rose, linden, calendula, hyssop, lemon balm, and tea rose.

14. Liver tea No. 14 will help to restore the liver, and it is made of a collection of herbs: blackberry leaves, agrimony, horsetail, hazel, plantain, yarrow, juniper, nettle, immortelle, pine, wild rose, thyme, mint, and rose.

15. To restore masculine strength it is better to take tea No. 15 For men with agrimony, hazelnut leaves, blackberries, yarrow, chamomile, willow tea, plantain seeds, motherwort, horsetail, nettle, wild rose, anchor, calendula, knotweed, blue flowers cornflower, and roses.

16. To restore health and prevent women's diseases, tea No. 16 for women is suitable here. It is made of blackberries, agaric leaves, hazel, oregano, rose hips, rosemary, iron ore, acacia, raspberries, hawthorn, calendula, tea rose, lemon balm.

17. Tea No. 17 will help to get rid of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular from blackberries, turnips, hazel, hawthorn, meadowsweet, strawberries, hawthorn, rosehips, chamomile, calendula, hops, black elderberry, tea rose, mint.

18. If you want to keep your health and good spirits, pay attention to tea No. 18 Health with blackberries, agrimony, hazel, iron ore, iron ore, thyme, oregano, strawberry, acacia, tea rose.

19. No.19 Tibetan is famous for its beneficial properties due to the composition of blackberry leaves, hazel, currant, and raspberry, as well as agrimony, iron ore, immortelle, centaury, chamomile, tea rose, mint.

20. Mountain balsam No. 20 contains a storehouse of vitamins due to the content of blackberries, agaric, hazel, rosemary, lavender, oregano, willow-tea, black elderberry, juniper, pine, thyme, acacia, tea rose, mint.

21. Tea No. 21 will reveal the secret of longevity. Tea No. 21 the secret of longevity consists of blackberry leaves, agrimony, hazel, iron, mulberry, nettle, oregano, rosemary, thyme, wild rose, hops, hawthorn, calendula, tea rose.

22. Imperial tea №22 is the most expensive and demanded product; it contains rooibos, mint, blackberry, hazel, agaric, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, and tea rose.

23. Anti-alcoholic No. 23 will quickly restore the body after a hangover and reduce the intoxication of the body, tea consists of blackberries, agaric, hazel, nettle, centaury, bay leaf, walnut leaves, oregano, mint, juniper, yarrow, thyme, tea rose.

24. Tea No. 24 Sauna is suitable for a bath as a health improvement. For a bath of their blackberries, agrimony, hazel, iron ore, rosemary, juniper, blackthorn, lemon balm, iron, lavender, calendula flowers, mint, tea rose.

25. Tea No. 25 Anti-smoking will help to remove nicotine addiction. It consists of blackberries, agarwood, hazel, burdock root, juniper, hawthorn, plantain, silver oak, lavender, primrose, pine, lemon balm, black elderberry, tea rose.

26. It is possible to prevent and expel parasites from the body with the help of tea No. 26 Antiparasitic with turnips, blackberries, hazel, mint, birch, chamomile, thyme, yarrow, sage, centaury, wormwood, calendula, tansy, tea rose.

27. 15 herbs of Father George No. 27 consists of blackberry, agrimony, hawthorn, hazel, nettle, wild rose, immortelle, bearberry, linden, thyme, yarrow, chamomile, primrose, birch, tea rose.

28. Forest fairy tale No. 28 will help you find harmony within yourself, tea consists of blackberries, agaric, hazel, iron ore, hawthorn, oregano, currants, thyme, strawberries, linden, wild rose, blue cornflower, hawthorn, centaury, barberry, tea rose, mint, lemon balm. All herbs for tea are grown in an ecologically clean area, and it has a provided quality certificate for the goods.

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