Natural cream "Venolad" with tutsan for healthy veins

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Native micellar cream does not contain medicinal, synthetic substances or preservatives.

Micelles of the native biological complex, penetrating tissue barriers and providing a natural regulatory effect on the physiological balance between muscle cells, collagen and elastic fibers of the venous wall, prevent disorders of the circulatory system and contribute to:

- improving the tone, elasticity of the veins;

- increasing turgor and elasticity of subcutaneous capillaries and blood vessels and eliminating aesthetic defects on the surface of the skin: spots, vascular spider;

- eliminating the swelling of the legs;

- eliminating hyperpigmentation;

- eliminating inflamed areas;

- restorating the muscle tone and prevention of venous wall weakness.

Ingredients: common John's-wort (Hypericum Perforatum) grass and flowers native oil, bee wax, allantoin, lecithin, amaranth seeds native oil, common John's-wort (Hypericum Perforatum) native concentrate, lycopodium native concentrate, chestnut native concentrate, clover flowers native concentrate, nettle grass native concentrate, camomile flowers native concentrate, comfrey native concentrate, mulberry leaves native concentrate, mulberry fruit (berries) juice, common bilberry fruit (berries) juice, Altay maral antlers hydrolate, Siberian larch bark native concentrate, dioscorea root native concentrate, melilot grass native concentrate, common horsetail grass native concentrate, basil native concentrate, mustard native concentrate, Galleria Mellonella extract, dead bees extract, carnation buds extract, sagebrush grass extract, ginkgo biloba extract, Te Guan Yin leaves extract, grapeseed extract, prostrate caltrop (Tribulus Terrestris) root extract, magnolia vine seeds extract, garlic extract, common sea buckthorn concentrate, cedar galipot, cannabis oil, pine oil, mumijo, beaver fat, birch bark tar, juniper essential oil, stone oil, Vitamin C, and birch sap.

Use instructions: using the dosing device apply the cream onto the affected skin area, distribute the cream over the skin area using the gentle massage movements, make sure to cover the adjacent skin area. It is recommended to use 2 times a day.

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Nina Fritz

Natur-Creme "Venolad" mit Johanniskraut Gesunde Beine, 50 ml