Natural cream "Venolad" with willow extract for vascular spiders 50 ml

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€17,00 / 100ml

Venolad with Willow micellar biological cream is recommended when dealing with the following health problems and / or situations:

- Pain in the veins;

- Excessive vertical load onto the legs and feet;

- Lack of active muscular contractions during the day;

- First symptoms of the venous blood flow disorders;

- Edema;

- "Spider veins";

- Veins valves functions disorder;

- Blood circulation system functions disorders;

- Thrombosis;

- Pregnancy;

- Carrying heavy loads;

- Feeling of heaviness in the legs and feet, quick tiredness;

- Gastrocnemius muscle cramps;

- Muscle fiber and connective tissue tonus disorders;

- Venous wall tonus disorders, capillary blood circulation disorders;

Ingredientswhite willow bark native concentrate, white willow bark native oil, native propolis, native cedar galipot, common John's-wort flowers and grass native oil, bee wax, allantoin, lecithin, amaranth seeds native oil, common John's-wort native concentrate, lycopodium native concentrate, chestnut native extract, clover flowers native extract, nettle grass native concentrate, dioscorea native concentrate, mulberry leaves native concentrate, mulberry fruit juice, common bilberry fruit (berries) juice, Altai maral antlers hydrolate, castoreum native concentrate, Siberian larch bark native concentrate, melilot grass native concentrate, common horsetail grass native concentrate, hawthorn fruit (berries) native concentrate, mustard native concentrate, Galleria Mellonella extract, dead bees extract, carnation buds extract, sagebrush grass extract, ginkgo biloba leaves extract, lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis) grass sap and native concentrate, aloe latex, Te Guan Yin leaves extract, grapeseed extract, prostrate caltrop (Tribulus Terrestris) root extract, magnolia vine seeds extract, garlic extract, common sea buckthorn extract, cannabis oil, pine oil, mumijo, beaver fat, birch bark tar, eucalyptus essential oil, stone oil, Vitamin C, and birch sap.