Sachel Goji Cream For eyelids and lips care 30 ml

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Sachel Goji, a natural cream for eyelids and lips care, is recommended for women and men older than 15 years old, with no upper age restriction.

Ingredients: goji fruit (berries) concentrate, artemia concentrate, chestnut oil extract, usnea extract, reishi extract, honey and antlers extract from the Altai maral antlers, clover extract, larch extract, Rhododendron Adamsii extract, lactulose, badger fat, cocoa butter, cedar oil, amaranth oil, bee wax, lecithin, stone oil, hyaluronic acid, aminoacetic acid, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C.

The cream has no synthetic or chemical components.

The cream produces the beneficial effect for the delicate and tender skin in the palpebral and lips area:

- It contributes to elimination of wrinkles at any age, including the young expression wrinkles, and deep age-induced wrinkles;

- It improves the blood circulation in the eyes area, relieves the edema, infectious, inflammatory, and bacterial processes related to eyes (such as conjunctivitis, staphylococcus infection);

- It eliminates the herpes of any stage occurring on the lips, prevents the redness and edema;

- It contributes to elimination of the "spider veins" and "crow's feet" effect and dark patches under the eyelids; as well as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin at the cellular level;

- It contributes to recovery of the hormones production in the subcutaneous layer; and along with that, it produces the rejuvenating effect for the adult and sagging skin;

- It contains the highest naturally available SPF factor, which prevents the skin photoageing and prevents the oxidative processes induced by the UV irradiation;

- It contributes to keeping the moisture in the epidermis cells, thus eliminating the wrinkles; it fortifies the skin immunity, prevents the aging caused by adverse environmental factors and external weather effects (such as frost, wind, salt, and acidic precipitation