Organello Master Naturonic for skin, immunity, eyes, ears, throat and nose

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Organello-drops Naturonic "Master-skin"

It is necessary to buy Organello-drops Naturonic "Master-skin" for everyone who cares about their skin and wants to get rid of dermatological problems as quickly as possible. Drops have an antifungal effect against fungal infections of the skin and internal organs and a regenerating effect on the function and condition of the organs of the endocrine, genitourinary, digestive, bronchopulmonary and immune systems. In our store you can buy Naturonic "Master-skin" inexpensively and be convinced of the uniqueness of the presented product. The Drops contribute to:

  •     elimination of fungal infection, prevention of skin rashes, purulent processes and related disorders of the surface of the scalp, hands, feet, body, armpits;
  •     elimination of infections that affect the nails;
  •     elimination of chronic fungal infection that affects the layers of the epidermis;
  •     purification of blood and lymph from toxins, prevention of damage to the skin and mucous membranes of internal organs;
  •     prevention of inflammation of the gums and oral cavity.

Ingredients: native extracts of leaves, bark and mulberries, holly leaves, lapacho bark, mate leaves, Icelandic moss, chamomile flowers, yarrow herb, calendula flowers, burdock roots, mulberry juice micelles, dandelion roots, comfrey roots, birch bark, stalks, leaves and inflorescences of rape, rhizomes of sarsaparilla, primrose seeds, native extracts of the roots of badan, cinquefoil herb, Lespedetsa herb, usnea, the fruiting body of the common weasel, horsetail herb, Siberian larch bark, chaga, reishi, mustard seeds, clove seeds, , ginseng roots, rose hips, garlic, bean shells, hop cones, black cumin seeds, cordyceps, native propolis, native pine gum, beaver stream, stone oil, nut oil micelles kukui, amaranth seeds, milk thistle seeds, natural mumiyo.

Organello-drops Naturonic spray "Master-hearing"

In case of problems with hearing organs, the best option would be to buy Naturonic drops "Master-Hearing". Organello drops with propolis is a natural remedy that allows you to avoid hearing loss, to stop the negative processes occurring in the hearing aid. The action of the drops is aimed at restoring the cells of the tympanic membrane, the auditory nerve, improving blood circulation and transmission of impulses to the corresponding part of the brain, eliminating inflammation and the focus of infection during purulent processes. The Sashera-Med Drops "Master-Hearing" help to restore hearing for a wide range of reasons, such as:

  •     inflammation of the organ of hearing;
  •     infections;
  •     chronic processes;
  •     metabolic disorders;
  •     hormonal disorders;
  •     tinnitus and congestion;
  •     injuries;
  •     age-related hearing loss.

Ingredients: native propolis extract, native aloe concentrate, aloe milky juice, native cordyceps extract, native usnea extract, native St. John's wort extract, native shiitake extract, native larch extract, native anise concentrate, native calamus concentrate, native sage concentrate, stone oil.

Organello-drops Naturonic spray "Master-nose" with sage

Drops Naturonic spray "Master-nose" Sashera-Med are created on the basis of native oils of medicinal plants, bioactive propolis and sage juice micelles. They have a complex effect on the causative agents of infection of ENT organs, a regulating effect in case of concomitant violations of the functions and condition of the nasal mucosa and respiratory organs, contributing to the normalization of vasomotor reactions to external irritants and allergic factors. Drops "Master-nose" are created for:

  •     elimination of inflammatory processes of the nose;
  •     decrease in mucus secretion;
  •     elimination of puffiness of the nose;
  •     normalization of nasal breathing;
  •     elimination of fungal infections of ENT organs;
  •     preventing the spread of infection in the mouth, ears, throat, lungs;
  •     improvement of cerebral circulation, elimination of headache, dizziness and related changes.

Components: juice and native concentrate of sage herb, native coriander oil, native Siberian fir oil, native juniper fruit oil, native hemp oil, native amaranth oil, juice and native concentrate of meadow clover flowers, juice and native concentrate of stinging nettle herb, juice and native concentrate of herbs and flowers of St. John's wort, native chamomile oil, native concentrate of calamus root, juice and native concentrate of marshmallow root, native oil of clove buds, juice and native concentrate of elecampane roots, native concentrate of white willow bark, native concentrate sumach, native concentrate of turmeric, native concentrate of holly broadleaf leaves, native concentrate of ant tree bark, native concentrate of Usna filiform, native concentrate of Lespedetsa kopechnikova herb, native propolis, native beesworm, essential oil of tea tree, essential oil of eucalyptus, native ise oil.

Eye drops Naturonic "Master-gene"

Visual impairment is a common problem among people of different ages. To prevent or get rid of diseases of the visual apparatus, we recommend buying “Master-gene” eye drops. They are used with:

  •     increased eye strain, stress;
  •     clouding of the lens;
  •     age-related changes in vision;
  •     decreased vision;
  •     inflammatory processes of the eyes;
  •     redness, irritation, tearing of the eyes;
  •     violation of intraocular pressure.

The natural composition of drops eliminates infectious, bacterial and inflammatory processes of the eyes, relieves redness, tearing, irritation, and eye fatigue. The cost of the Sashera-Med Master-gene differs in its optimum.

Ingredients: milky juice of barley, clover, aloe, goji fruit, nettle, parsley.

Organello Naturonic spray "Master throat"

If you have any problems with the throat, we recommend buying the Sashera-Med Master-Throat spray. Natural native drops with sage is a specially developed formula based on the droplet form of the microstructures of the juice of the green part and plant roots, biogenic concentrates of natural components, aimed at the sources of the inflammatory process of the throat and larynx of viral, bacterial, fungal origin, associated complications, the activity of immune cells , cleansing processes of blood and lymph, mucous membranes. Unique product Organello "Master-throat" contributes to:

  •     elimination of the inflammatory process of the throat, tonsils;
  •     elimination of a fungal infection of the throat that causes inflammation of the lymph nodes, cough;
  •     elimination of the inflammatory process of the larynx as a result of alcohol consumption, stress on the vocal apparatus;
  •     elimination of pain symptoms, difficulty in swallowing.


Components: native concentrates of sage, marshmallow seeds, anise seeds, birch bark, elderberry color, heather juice, cherry juice, cranberry juice, sea buckthorn fruit concentrate, juice of geranium roots and herbs, concentrate of cordyceps, clover, lapacho, holly, zoogley, firewood bee, lemon balm, thyme, bitter buckwheat, rye seeds, elecampane roots, spruce buds, walnut partitions, yarut, lamb, amaranth seeds, milk thistle seeds, primrose, stone oil, beaver musk, mumiyo.


Organello-drops Naturonic "Master-Immunity"

You can buy Organello-drops Naturonic "Master-Immunity" for a good price in our store. The native complex of natural drops has a positive effect on cell activity in the following cases:

  •     with viral infections;
  •     with coronavirus infection;
  •     with bacterial infections;
  •     with bacterial complications.

Natural ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, wound healing, antiseptic, sedative effect and are recommended for the prevention and elimination of infectious and bacterial processes, associated complications and weakened immunity.

Ingredients: native concentrate of cordyceps, native concentrate of Galleria mellonella, native concentrate of chaga, native concentrate of reishi, native concentrate of clover flowers, native concentrate of ginkgo biloba leaves, native concentrate of goji fruit, native concentrate of veselka, native concentrate of elecampane, native concentrate of badan, native concentrate rose hips, native concentrate of leaves and berry root, native concentrate of willow bark, native concentrate of cinquefoil, native concentrate of Lespedetsa, native concentrate of Usnea herb, native concentrate of chamomile flowers, native concentrate of spindle, native concentrate of St. John's wort, native concentrate of lemon balm, native concentrate of beaver musk, native concentrate badger fat concentrate, propolis, native royal jelly.

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