Pantogematogen Altai Maral with sweet clover root for immunity, brain activity, against stress, 250 ml

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Pantogematogen is a liquid composition that uses the blood of an Altai Maral antler.

- Pantohematogen is a natural source of iron, trace elements and amino acids.
- has an anti-inflammatory, toning effect on the body
- contributes to protection against harmful environmental influences and increases resistance to viral infections
- helps increase sexual potency in both men and women
- contributes to the normalization of the central nervous system, which is under constant stress
- contributes to strengthening mental and physical performance
- contributes to increasing the body's energy reserves, endurance and vitality
- contributes to the acceleration of recovery after the operation, contributes to the healing of wounds,
- strengthens the ability of the organism to do hard work and heavy physical exertion
- contributes to the improvement of memory, brain activity and mental abilities

Ingredients: Altai Marals antler blood, sweet clover, natural sweetness of sweet clover root, natural concentrate of earth-root, vitamin C.

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