Mit Weihrauch räuchern – So gelingt es auch Anfängern

Censing at home

Historically, it has probably been exceptional for a laymen to use incense at home, because of the expense involved, and so it should not be thought that this is essential, but it certainly is permissible.

A laymen would only use a hand censer – not a swinging censer like the clergy typically use.

When a person censes with a hand censer, the censer is held in the right hand, and the sign of the cross is made with the censer over whatever he is censing. Then the censer is placed in the left hand, and he makes the sign of the cross and bows… unless he is censing other people, in which case he makes the sign of the cross with the censer only, and then bows to the people without signing himself.

If you are doing morning or evening prayers, you could cense before the beginning of the prayer, though some do this at the end.

It is a nice touch to have a Cross and Gospel in your icon corner. This is where your censing would begin and end. You could just cense the icons in the icon corner, but if you wanted to, you could cense the whole room you are praying in, or other rooms too, if you wish.

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Eltern-Samstag Der 22. Februar

Parent Saturdays. Memorial dates in 2020

The memory of the deceased relatives constantly lives in the hearts of loved ones. For special preservation of memory of the dead in the calendar of Orthodox holidays there are special days in which clerics recommend to pray for the dead.

Parental days or memorial Saturdays are so called since ancient times, when only there was a tradition in the temples to pray for the deceased Christians. Tradition also recommends to visit the cemetery. By the name “parent” it is clear that first people remember the deceased father and mother, and also mention in prayer and other relatives, relatives and friends.

The Orthodox calendar in 2020 has eight parental Saturdays, if you take into account the day of remembrance of the dead soldiers. The first falls on the last Saturday of February and is called the Universal meat and cabbage or Little Shrove Tuesday. Three more dates in March are 14, 21 and 28 March – Saturdays of the second, third and fourth week (week) of the Easter fast. For commemoration of parents Radonitsa which next year falls on on April 28 is intended also.

Traditionally in day commemoration warriors 9 on may can be commemorate and parents, also make this in Trinity Saturday 6 June and Dmitrievskuyu Saturday, falling on 7 November. In each of these dates, except Radonitsa, you can go to the temple and the burial place of the deceased.

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сретение господне

15 February - Presentation of Jesus at the Temple

The Meeting of the Lord in the Temple (also called the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple) is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on February15.

In Eastern tradition, it is often called The Meeting of Our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ, because the hymns emphasize the incarnate God, the Lord Jesus Christ, meeting with his people, Israel, in the persons of the Prophet Simeon and the Prophetess Anna.

According to the law of Moses, every firstborn male was to be brought into the temple to be dedicated to God on the fortieth day after birth. At that time a sacrifice of thanksgiving was also to be brought. The Holy Mother of God followed this law, even though she knew that the Child was the Son of God. Thus, Joseph and Mary brought the Child Jesus into the temple on the fortieth day along with a humble sacrifice of two young pigeons.

In Jerusalem at that time there lived a man, Simeon, who was just and devout and was awaiting the consolation of Israel. According to tradition, Simeon was in Alexandria 270 years prior to this date, translating that passage in the Scriptures where Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah was to be born of a Virgin. He wanted to change the word 'virgin' to another meaning 'young woman', but an angel of the Lord stopped his hand and foretold Simeon that he would not see death before seeing the Messiah born of the Virgin.

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