Happy Feast of the Holy Trinity!

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The Holy Trinity Holiday, also known as "Pentecost", is a Christian holiday celebrated by both Orthodox and Catholic believers.

For the Orthodox Christians, the holiday of the Trinity usually falls on the 50th day after Easter. It is an important holiday symbolizing the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus' disciples. For Catholic Christians, Pentecost is celebrated on the 7th Sunday after Easter, i.e. 49 days after Easter Sunday.

Preparations for the holiday of Trinity begin even before that. Believers prepare themselves spiritually by praying and preparing for the celebration of the Holy Spirit. It is also common for churches to be decorated with flowers and green branches to symbolize the spirit of fertility and growth.


Here are five interesting facts about the Trinity Holiday:

  1. Symbolic meaning: The holiday of Trinity symbolizes the manifestation of the Trinity of God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is a celebration of belief in the oneness and trinity of God.

  2. Peonies: Pentecost is also associated with the tradition of using peony flowers. These flowers represent happiness, health and love and are often used as decorations in churches and homes.

  3. Whitsun ox race: In some regions of Germany there is a tradition of the Whitsun ox race. Decorated oxen are harnessed in front of a wooden construction and race against each other. This tradition has a long history and is often accompanied by folk festivals and celebrations.

  4. Green branches: At Pentecost it is customary to hang green branches in the houses. This is meant to symbolize fertility and growth. The branches are often tied in a cross shape and can be decorated with flowers or colorful ribbons.

  5. Whit Monday: The day after Whit Monday, also known as Whit Monday, is a public holiday in Germany. Many people use the long weekend for excursions, walks or family reunions. It is also common for special Pentecost customs such as the Pentecost fire or the setting of the maypole to take place on this day.

The Trinity Holiday is an important festival for Christians in Germany, which is celebrated with different traditions and customs. It is a time of spiritual preparation, community spirit and celebration of faith in the Trinity of God.