Black beeswax candles "Monastirskie" 1 kg pack N40, 100 pieces.

1.05 kg
€29,95 €33,95


260 mm


7.5 mm


1 Stunde 30 Min

      • HIGH QUALITY & NATURAL – Diveevo  ritual candles made of 100 % natural beeswax of high quality. Thin candles of our own production for church and ritual use 

      • DRIPLESS AND NO SOOT - Even burning of the handmade wax candles in church quality due to the pure beeswax and the cotton wick - for devout moments in prayer and meditation 

      • ENJOYABLE HONEY SCENT - The natural aroma of the high-quality beeswax candles gives any room a honey scent and creates an atmosphere of well-being - free of artificial fragrances 

      • SOLID & RELIABLE - perfect burning properties thanks to high quality work 

      • QUALITY SINCE 1907 - The consecrated ritual candles are handmade by experienced candle masters according to church requirements - own production of beeswax candles with love and soul