Triptych. Iconostasis.

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Triptych. Iconostasis.

Made in the silk-screen printing technique Silk-screen printing is a unique technology that allows high-quality replication
images while observing the basic principles of icon painting, i.e. applying mineral (natural) paint in layers on a wooden board covered with gesso (primer).
The salary is made of a special metal alloy with 999° silver treatment using PVD technology.

Packed in a box and in a separate bag.

In the center - Kazan Mother of God
July 21 - the day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
November 4. (October 22 according to the old style) Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.
The miraculous icon helps in many life situations when, it would seem, there is no way out and is not foreseen.
A prerequisite is sincere faith and good intentions.
First of all, it protects all of Russia from foreign invaders.
Before the image of the Most Holy Theotokos, believers pray for deliverance from various bodily ailments, primarily for eye diseases.
They also pray for spiritual insight, help in directing them to the right path, when lack of faith has settled in the soul.
They go to the image in moments of grief and difficult life situations for support and consolation, when their strength is no longer enough.
“Kazanskaya” belongs to the type of Hodegetria (or Guidebook) icons, so if you don’t know what to do, pray in front of this icon, and the answer will definitely come.
The icon of the Mother of God "Kazanskaya" blesses the children for marriage, with her the bride stands at the wedding. And when a misunderstanding arises in the family, one must pray earnestly in front of the wedding icon.

Top left - "Passionate" icon of the Mother of God
 Celebration - 13 (26) August
The Mother of God in the image of the Passion Icon shows intercession to people who come to her with prayer and ask for help.
Cases of healing from cancer have been recorded. The Mother of God helped mothers grieving for their children in trouble.

Bottom left - the icon of the Mother of God of Seven Arrows
Icon Day is celebrated on August 13th.
It is believed that the icon will protect from any adversity, help not to stray from the righteous path,
gives harmony and peace in the house. In front of the "Seven-strelnaya" they pray for the sons who went to serve in the troops
or participate in hostilities.

Mothers offer prayers to the Mother of God, asking them to end the war as soon as possible and return their children home safe and sound.
It is also believed that the icon protects the house from scammers, thieves and all those who want to harm the family.
She protects from envious people and slanderers, damage and the evil eye, witchcraft and love spells.

Top right - Our Lady of Vladimir
Veneration Day - September 8 (August 26, old style) is celebrated by the church as the feast of the Candlemas.
 helps in difficult childbirth, relieves blindness and other eye diseases, treats ailments of the cardiovascular system.
Also, this image protects marriage and family, brings mutual love, understanding, tenderness and unity between spouses to the house.

Bottom right - Holy Matrona of Moscow
 Memorial Day of the Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow May 2
Prayer before the icon of the holy righteous blessed Matrona of Moscow helps in everything you ask her for -
 in matters of the heart, in healing from diseases, in financial disorders or in order to avoid impending deception,
in case of damage from the elements, in preserving the family, in caring for children and their well-being - it’s impossible to list everything.

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